Finding the Best Family Doctor in Northeast Nebraska

Find a Family Doctor in Norfolk, Nebraska

If you have a medical need such as sudden flu symptoms, nagging back pain, or an unexpected rash; who is your first point of contact? A family physician can be the right answer for most healthcare situations.

4 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

  1. Family doctors follow your life cycle

From treating toddlers, teens, middle-aged adults, and retirees, family doctors do it all. They address a wide range of conditions and can be your primary care physician at any point in your life with a long-lasting relationship.

  1. General Practitioners know your personal and family history

When family physicians treat you for years, they get to know your medical history inside and out. Treating multiple generations of a family can help a doctor record accurate family history and can watch for red flags regarding medications.

  1. Family doctors treat more than you think

Yes, family doctors perform yearly check-ups, but they also help manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. They can treat a wide range of patients from sinus infections to assisting you throughout your pregnancy.

  1. When you need to see a specialist, they help you find the right fit

When you need to see a specialist for heart disease, cancer, or any other serious concern, a family doctor can assist in finding someone who fits your specific needs and personality.

Have you found your family doctor in Norfolk, Nebraska yet? For a personable, caring, and reliable physician, call Family Medicine and Vein Clinic at (402) 316-4320 and schedule your next appointment with Dr. Fennessy today!

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