Vein Clinic of Northeast Nebraska Providing Total Vein Care

Varicose Vein Treatment in Northeast Nebraska

Did you know? Nearly thirty million Americans have varicose veins. That makes vein problems one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States.

Fortunately, ever-progressing technology and techniques are making it easier to treat more and more people in northeast Nebraska who are diagnosed with vein disease. Especially since the preparation, procedures and recovery times are all shorter and more comfortable than ever.

Procedures Dr. Fennessy Uses for Varicose Vein Treatment

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation (ECRFA)

Providing Total Vein Care in Norfolk, Nebraska

The Vein Clinic of Northeast Nebraska is devoted to treating you as the individual you are; developing a personalized plan to solve your vein problem. Whether you are interested in vein removal for cosmetic or medical reasons, know that the highest standard of care is close by.

To schedule your next vein appointment, call (402) 316-4320 and receive the vein care you deserve today!

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