Vein Disease and Treatment Options?

Vein Disease and Treatment Options

If you are unfamiliar with vein disease, knowing the warning signs and treatment options is extremely important to staying ahead of the game. Having questions about your veins is standard and being proactive about these problems can be valuable towards your health and well-being. The following options can help to control and improve your total vein health.

Treatment Strategies for Your Veins

  • Avoid long periods of standing or sitting
  • Exercise regularly
  • Lose weight
  • Elevate your legs
  • Wear compression stockings
  • Take antibiotics as prescribed to treat skin infections
  • Practice good skin hygiene

At Family Medicine and Vein Clinic, we are focused on providing you with the varicose vein treatment needed to ease your symptoms and to get you back to your normal life. Contact us at (402) 316-4320 for vein treatment in Norfolk, Nebraska or visit our Vein Clinic page today.

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